The Reinvention of Edison Thomas

Science is easy, but relationships are hard.

The Reinvention of Edison Thomas

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Eddy Thomas can read a college physics book but can't read emotions on faces of his classmates. He can spend hours tinkering with inventions but can't spend more than a few minutes in crowds.

When the local school crossing guard is laid off, he worries about inattentive drivers injuring neighborhood kids. Eddy invents a traffic signal using parts he has scavenged from discarded machines. When his invention fails, he needs to go outside his comfort zone and find a another solution. Along the way, Eddy discovers new friends, who help him realize that his childhood "friend" Mitch is really just a bully. As he grows to better understand the world around him, Eddy gains courage to face the bully and moves beyond a purely mechanical definition of success.

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